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Kusmi Tea BB Detox

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Kusmi Tea BB Detox is a body purifying beverage made with green tea, mate, grapefruit and the sky is the limit from there. This tea mix is intended to support general wellbeing, with an emphasis on the strength of the skin. In light of the standards of normal magnificence items, BB Detox enhances the strength of the skin from the back to front, bringing about clearer, more delightful skin and a more beneficial body.


  • Planned for skin wellbeing
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Mix of green tea, yerba mate, grapefruit and the sky is the limit from there
  • Pressed with cell reinforcements
  • Tastes awesome
  • Pre-packed away for comfort
  • Useful for weight reduction
  • Juiced for a jolt of energy


  • Costly
  • Contains caffeine (not reasonable for evening/evening delight)

Who Makes It:

BB Detox is made by Kusmi Teas, a Paris-based tea organization. Established over 100 years prior, Kusmi Teas has dependably been in the matter of making high caliber, wonderful tea mixes for an assortment of clients. Today, they have operations around the world and an enormous line of tea items.

What’s In It:

All-common tea mix of green tea, yerba mate, rooibos, guarana, dandelion, and grapefruit. This straightforward mix tastes extraordinary as well as packs a detoxifying punch with cancer prevention agent rich fixings like green tea and mate. This mix DOES contain caffeine, so it’s best utilized as a part of the morning or early evening.

Bottom Line:

Overall, in case you’re searching for a jazzed purifying tea, this is an extraordinary decision. Since it contains green tea and caffeine, BB Detox additionally might be the best detox tea for weight reduction. The main drawback is that it’s somewhat costly, given that it’s transported in from abroad.

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