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Google I/O 2018 : What’s New In Google Maps & Photos

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google maps beevogue

Google Maps

Google Maps is additionally getting many upgrades. the foremost important of those changes is camera integration. Why would you like Google Maps in your camera? basically, Google Maps can now offer you an AR experience. In short, as you browse the camera Google can show you which way you should be going. It’s not simply that though, there’s also overlays of important info such as showing you points of interest.

Just as important is that the new Visual Positioning System. once your GPS isn’t enough, VPS can use your phone’s camera and Google’s intensive back-end knowledge to investigate your surroundings to spot where you’re with greater accuracy.

Beyond that, Google Maps is additionally adding personalized recommendations based on the places you go, the restaurants you eat at, and more.

google photos beevogue

Google Photos

Google Photos is getting many new options, while also opening itself up to third-party apps. 1st let’s focus on what’s new for Google Photos. Soon, AI can create your Photos experience faster and easier than ever before.

When you take a photograph with your smartphone, Google Photos already allows you to edit that photo. you’ll be able to crop it, change the brightness, and add filters comparatively easily. However, in the near future, the AI within Google Photos can build editing suggestions for you supported the knowledge in the image. You’ll be able to edit your photos with just a quick tap.

Google Photos also already has the power to scan physical images and digitise them. Soon, it’ll be ready to tell you who’s in the photograph and allow you to share it with the person in question. In an update coming soon, you’ll even be able to colourise black-and-white photos, once again using AI to work out which items in the image should be colorized and what color to give them.

As for opening up Google Photos, Google currently has a program where third-party developers will use a Google Photos API to create their photos faster and better than ever.

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