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Best Gifts According To Zodiac Signs

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We are almost halfway through the 2018 and many of us are already ready for celebrating the birthdays of our loved ones. But, its very time consuming and confusing to what to gift to our beloved friends and family members on their special days. To help you on this today we at Beevogue are sharing “THE BEST GIFTS ACCORDING TO ZODIAC SIGNS”. Gifting according to zodiac sign is not only easy but also helps you show how much you care about that special person.

Moreover, you can look to the stars to envision which presents can strike gold for everyone—your horoscope does appear to nail it every month, after all.

“Your sun sign [which you recognize as your sign] shows who you’re, and it’s a wonderful filter that can be used to perceive what you like, what inspires you, and what gets you excited about life,”

So, No more taking a shot in the dark or tucking a present receipt into the box — now you’ll be able to tailor your gifts to your loved ones’ Sun signs. Finally, you’ll please your gadget-loving Aquarius brother, your epicurean Taurus best friend, and everybody in between. Just read our article till last and be ready to impress your loved ones with a unique gift.

Aries: The Aries in your life loves gifts. something exciting, colorful and fun can make Aries happy. They love surprises… this will make their day. don’t fret about a fancy wrapping job… Aries is just too impatient to appreciate it. they’re targeted on what is within, not what you probably did to make it pretty. Aries can be very offended if you forget to present them something on their special day… therefore do not forget!

  1. Agenda Planner

Aries are born competitors. Help them keep track of their daily rivalries with this open-dated, minimalist-modern planner, divided by year, month and week.




2. Selfie Stick

selfie stick beevogueAlthough Aries tends to be self-oriented, that isn’t always a bad thing. Give your Aries the gift of the perfect selfie this holiday




Taurus: Taurus loves luxury, esthetical fabrics, and practicality. they will appreciate a sensible gift like no one else. They also love fine food. whether or not this is in the form of a fine meal out, a specially cooked meal at home or ingredients so that they will make their own isn’t important. The important part is that you simply were thinking of the Taurus in your life and spent the time to contemplate what would appeal to them.

  1. Fragrance Soap Bar

soap bar beevogueTaurus is known to be extremely hot-headed. Give them the gift of relaxation this holiday a Fresh Fragrance Soap Bar.




2. Never Give Up Mug

mug beevogueTaurus may be stubborn, but their motto is perfection: Never (never, never) give up.




Gemini: The Gemini in your life will be easy to purchase gifts for… they love almost anything! Gemini loves to learn new things. They also love to stay in communication with their friends and loved ones. Accepting a gift means they get to spend some time with the giver. A visit is as good of a gift for Gemini as something wrapped up pretty.

  1. Trendy Tees

trendy tees beevogueGive the gift of Trendy Tees this holiday to the natural born social butterflies.






2. Fashionable Flip Covers

flip cover beevogueTalkative Geminis love to share what’s new. This stylish and bold Mobile Flip cases will allow them to share their heart’s content (without fear of breaking their device if accidentally dropped).






Cancer: The Cancer in your life they will appreciate not solely the gift, but how it’s presented. they’re very gracious recipients, however, they’re also sticklers for etiquette. Prepare a little something to say that’s heartfelt and sincere. If you actually want to impress them, create your speech, then present your primary gift. After that, give them flowers and then something to add to the table of refreshments. This appears like a lot, but Cancer will really appreciate the effort you went to on their behalf.

  1. Beautiful AC Blankets:

blanket beevogueCancers love a good snuggle, and this ultra-plush, 100 percent polyester fleece is the perfect throw for the job. Machine washable and gorgeously designed, it’s Netflix and pizza night-approved.




2. Victoria’s Secret Daily Care Range

victoria's secret beevogueCancer’s emotional heart tends to get them hurt easily. For the Cancer that’s having a rough go, lift their spirits with Victoria’s Secret daily regimen of super lathering shower gel, body lotion and skin-loving fine fragrance mist of fresh fragrances.




Leo: The Leo in your life loves the ceremony of receiving gifts. In fact, the more elaborate you’ll create the presentation, the better. If you are proposing, make sure you’re in a very crowded restaurant or that you will both be on the big screen at the stadium. As long as they’re the center of attention, they are happy.

  1. Beautiful Wristlet

wristlet beevogueLeos exude confidence and love bright and daring colors. Your Leo will adore this wristlet. It’s perfectly functional and gorgeously bold.



2. Colorful Nail Paints

nail polish beevogueLeos thrive in the spotlight, and with these bright fuchsias and sparkle nail polish, they’ll always be center stage.





Virgo: The Virgo in your life is a practical soul. while many can overlook Virgo when it involves gifts, they appreciate a good gift just like anyone. when selecting a gift for Virgo, however, make sure you place some thought into it. this can be not the person to give a gift that you just picked at random in the corner store.

  1. Adult Coloring Book

adult coloring bookVirgos are always in their own mind. Break them free with new pattern play coloring book, which has many gorgeous pages to de-stress and relax.





2. Floral Planner

floral planner beevogueFor the meticulous and organized Virgo, this floral planner is a must-have.







Libra: The Libra in your life likes to get gifts, in fact, the more gifts the better. do not wrap them together although… everyone should be wrapped separately so Libra will enjoy the heady experience and stay focused on you, the gift giver. Wrap the gifts elegantly and that they will be appreciated all the more. the actual act of opening the gifts is part of the attraction for Libra.

  1. Geometric Jewelry Set

geometrical jewelry set beevogueLibras love balance and are always on the lookout for a little zen. Gift them this geometric jewelry set to satisfy their inner need for symmetry.





2. Don’t Worry, Be Grumpy: Inspiring Stories for Making the Most of Each Moment by Ajahn Brahm

inspiring story book beevogue

How many times has your Libra BFF shared a heartwarming Upworthy video to your Facebook feed? Answer: probably a lot. Snag them this collection of inspiring stories by Ajahn Brahm to really show them you’ve been paying attention.






Scorpio: The Scorpio in your life likes receiving gifts so much they often get them for themselves. this does not get you off the hook, though. Their favorite type of gift is given without a reason. Wrap it well… they get pleasure from the mystery of what’s hidden inside. they’re going to often wait to open gifts until they’re alone so that they will relish the experience on their own.

  1. Ice Cream Swirl Notebook

ice cream swirl notebook beevogueScorpios love to ask questions. Let them know you’re thinking about them this holiday season with this totally journal-able swirl notebook from Denik.





2.  DIY Weaving Kit

weaving kit beevogueThe inquisitive Scorpio definitely needs the DIY blanket knitting kit with giant knitting needles





Sagittarius: The Sagittarius in your life loves adventure and travel. they want to be free, not tied down by monotony and drudgery. They even have a keen sense of humor. they’re optimistic and like to continue to learn. they are doing place a degree of importance on gift giving… this can be a solemn occasion that warrants their full attention.

  1. Simple Cardholder Wallet

card holder beevogueSatisfy your Sagittarius’s optimistic personality with the super cute cardholder wallet






2. Lemon + Ginger Soap Bar

soap beevogueBubble up some optimism by gifting lemon and ginger soap bar to your Sagittarius this holiday.




Capricorn: The Capricorn in your life loves practicality. They appreciate simplicity in style and intent. a gift given sincerely is worth its weight in gold. they do wish to indulge in luxurious things from time to time. If you’re going to give them something, take the time to wrap it properly. they’re going to notice every crease. They appreciate the time it takes to make something from scratch.

  1. Leather Analog Watch

watch beevogueKeep your Capricorn focused all year round with this analog watch in faux leather.









2. DIY Embroidery Kit

embroidry kit beevoguePut your Capricorn’s patience and crafting skills to the test with this totally DIYable embroidery kit. For even more fun, get one for yourself too and keep each other motivated.




Aquarius: The Aquarius in your life has a terrific sense of humor. They like to socialize and have an affinity for the unusual. They like to be the center of attention. Their wit and intellect might keep you on your toes. they’re impulsive and love spontaneity. History and culture fascinate them.

  1. Heart Shape Sunglasses

heart shape sunglasses beevogueQuirky, fun and absolutely one-of-a-kind, you wouldn’t know what to do without your Aquarius. Heart them this holiday season with these adorably over-the-top sunglass stunners.




2. Watermelon Socks

watermelon socksOdds are, your Aquarius has the cutest collection of socks out of all of your friends. Go ahead and add these realistic watermelon toe-warmers to their collection!











Pisces: The Pisces in your life likes to dream. they’re creative, spiritual and artistic. they’re sentimental and romantic. Pisces is emotionally insecure. they need constant support that everything is okay. they need a very sensual side and enjoy anything that treats their senses. They get jealous easily and are easy to take advantage of.

  1. Wooden Wick Soy Candle

wick soy candle beevogueYour spiritual Pisces will love this soy candle made from the different aroma. Hand-poured in the Bay Area, the candle uses essential old blends and wooden wicks, which emulate the sound of a fire while burning.





2. Trendy Water Bottles

water bottle beevogueKeep your Pisces hydrated — after all, every yogi needs a great water bottle. This ultra-cute water bottle keeps drinks cold for 4 hours.









What are you planning on getting your BFF for the holidays? We’d love to know in the comments!

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